Welcome, from our family to yours! We'd like to thank you for your interest in California Oaks Academy and embrace the opportunity to share our school with you. As mothers and educators, our inspiration for our online private school is to create a learning environment that nurtures and engages each student, while providing a superior, individualized, and differentiated education.

California Oaks Academy Teachers: Trinity Kaenel, Tami Baze, Cassie Hansen.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a nurturing learning environment with innovative and passionate teachers. We strive to develop the talents of the whole child with a rigorous and captivating curriculum unique to each student that will inspire a lifelong love of learning.

We are a teacher led school that prides ourselves on cultivating a nurturing and engaging environment that inspires intellectual risk takers and academic achievement.

“Have the courage to follow your heart & intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become.”

- Steve Jobs

What Makes Us Unique

With digital learning on the rise, education is heading in a new direction. An ever-increasing amount of families desire to provide their children with an at-home education. At California Oaks Academy, parents no longer have to prepare lessons and grade their child’s work. We offer advanced and challenging curriculum taught by real teachers in an online classroom.

Being a teacher-led, online school means our educators present each lesson through video, engaging each student as if in a physical classroom.

The student then completes his or her activity on his or her own time and submits it to the teacher for grading. The ability to offer advanced differentiated curriculum developed by Stanford University and Rosetta Stone, while focusing on the development of the whole child, is what sets us apart from other online schools.

California Oaks Academy is ideal for traveling families, student athletes and artists, as well as children who want an elite education from the comfort of their home.

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Why the Oak Tree?

Deep Roots

The Live Oak tree has an incredible foundation of roots buried underneath its trunk, often spanning larger than the tree itself. At California Oaks Academy we know it is essential to give our youth a positive and nurturing foundation in academics and whole child development. We encourage intellectual risk takers, strengthen curiosity and a passion for impacting the world around us. It is a priority at California Oaks to give our students every opportunity to flourish in their lifelong endeavors. We passionately believe this is achieved by building a solid and confident educational foundation.

Sturdy and Confident

The trunk and leaves of the oak tree are firmly rooted in ancient history. First, the Oak tree is considered one of the biggest and most durable trees in the world. The Native Americans ground the oak acorn into flour. Centuries ago the Greeks and Romans used its leaves to heal wounds. The oak's bark is extremely durable and as it matures, it continually develops and adapts throughout its life. To see a child achieve their goals, and grow and prosper is a beautiful sight. At California Oak's we want to engage and build a lifelong confidence. With our individual teacher and student relationship, we are able to develop a unique course of learning that will help them to continue in their later learning years. Our goal is to nurture the whole child and see they receive the skills to think independently, critically and look passionately towards their future.


The life of the oak tree varies. The average lifespan of the oak is 200 years, but there are oaks that have lived to 850 years. The longest living oak is approximately 1500 years old, alive and well. With the proper care and environment the lifelong possibilities of the oak are endless. We hope to instill this philosophy to each of our students. Learning, growing, and evolving is a lifelong process and doesn't end with a degree. Our opportunities are endless and ageless. With proper care towards the fundamentals and nurturing of intellect, imagination, and creativity, our students will thrive in the world they help to create.

California Oaks Academy offers rolling enrollment, which means students can sign up and begin our school any time of the year and are not tied to a traditional academic calendar.


To Contact us directly email us at info@californiaoaksacademy.com