Our curriculum develops the whole child through a variety of academic and extracurricular opportunities. Specifically, our K-6 students will have the opportunity to progress through Stanford University developed Math and Language Arts programs, learn a foreign language of their choice through our partnership with Rosetta Stone, and advance through our engaging curriculum. Our passionate and knowledgeable teachers engage the young individuals they teach, working to develop confident and motivated young learners who possess a joy for learning.

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About Stanford University Developed Programs

Our web-based courses feature a combination of multimedia instructions and automated assessment of student work to provide students with a highly-individualized, self-paced education experience. Content is differentiated and appropriate for varying levels of students achievement, ensuring that all students remain fully engaged during the learning process.

Students who are struggling receive specific instruction designed to address areas of additional need, while those who readily master a skill move quickly on to the next concept. The result is instructional software that personalizes learning, helping students at all levels achieve their full potential.
- Redbird

“Our greatest national resource is the minds of our children.”

- Walt Disney

Stanford University Developed Language Arts, 2nd - 6th Grade

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The Language Arts and Writing (LA&W) digital curriculum provides students with rigorous instruction and practice in the grammar, usage, and conventions of Standard English. Its five interwoven components – Parts of Speech, Sentence Structure, Sentence Composition, Paragraphs, and Reading – correspond to the Common Core English Language Arts standards. Redbird.

Stanford University Developed Mathematics

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Developed by Stanford University, the Redbird Mathematics curriculum will feature the latest in adaptive instruction, gamification, and digital project-based learning. This K-7th grade curriculum is designed specifically to meet the requirement of Common Core (Focus, Coherence, and Rigor). Redbird.

Additionally, rich STEM projects, career pathways, and contextualized problems inspire students to develop a love of mathematics and connections to the real world. To actively support teachers, Redbird Mathematics provides recommendations for instructional groups and intervention needs based on key-stroke level data from students’ work in the program. Redbird.


Students have the option of choosing 1 of 5 science courses. Our courses include Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and Physics. Students will get the opportunity to comprehensively dive into their science course by having hands on experiments and real life interaction in their own environments. Here is a sample of Astronomy Level 1:

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**Along with our core subjects, we will also offer complimentary physical education and typing classes.


Language Arts: Kindergarden & 1st grade

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Our Language Arts program includes teacher instructed lessons on phonics and foundational reading. Reading comprehension is monitored with weekly student recordings and comprehension quizzing in a virtual library. Our spelling covers weekly lists, definitions, syllables, and more with fun games and end of the week testing. Students will have weekly handwriting in proper print as well as cursive. 


Our Kindergarten through 2nd grade will receive social studies through an original capture and glimpse into the lives of our greatest historical figures.

The World History course begins in ancient times where we read about the earliest nomads through the last roman empire. This course is project based with assessments to gauge comprehension of material studied.


Here are samples of each curriculum:

2nd grade video snapshot of "The Native Americans and Pilgrims" 8 lesson series.

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World History 1

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Foreign Language

Our children are growing up during an exciting time, and learning a second language will give your child an advantage in life. We have partnered with Rosetta Stone to offer each student the opportunity to master a language of their choosing through a captivating and proven curriculum.


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California Oaks Academy offers rolling enrollment, which means students can sign up and begin our school any time of the year and are not tied to a traditional academic calendar.


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